Sheffeild - Houston-Packer Collection BJ1471 .S5 1650

'· Confcientious Reader. " ' . ' ' '' . ' cor-.oP:~EI.~·- ~, lirifiiars and Confciencious, ·. Reader, for fuch 1deftre to , :. - ~ jind,~t .leaft to ~eflve thee ~the #.§::~~~ u·ond ts nowfull ofBoof<!,fo · "' fitll that it cann-1t containall that is written,andofhow'manymay it be # 1 faid,tllatJhefdobut-proClaim the vanitvof I the writer, 'ana pr,CUre"wearindfe,ifnOt · vexation to_ the Reader? As for .the {\tbjefr andmatter ofthis Difc{)urfe., it ca11not but receive thyAp– probation. Howfoever the htJmely and , plain language in it, the unelegancy ttnd untakingnefs ofthe compofur,e4ndcotn– J10fer in this now J oknowing, but more cenforious Age, may cl-l llje it to be laida– pde with neglet1 by fome who as inhe~r- · tng