Sheffeild - Houston-Packer Collection BJ1471 .S5 1650

To theReader~ ' ) . ~ng theyhea·r not Sermonsbut na~es, fo in ~cling ~(e t,tpt to n~ad Treattfes .but Titles. 0 myLord, I ~mpot EI~ucnt, ~flerh•· ; lm~ of a. Oow Speeeb,- and of~flow Ex~4~~"· Tongue; Jet ifthe Lerdjay I wiltgo '~Pith · thee, ttnd be Jl)itb thymii1J:th, a1.1dwith~~- l\odandPen in thy~and, howmuchm~.J a ftammerr~pg and difceHrtt.ged Mofes ~ndert.4k,_e andgo thru~gh w!fh i Jerom [aid he did diligure Chrifiem in Augufi~no, :(..ov~ Aufiin the betterfor ·Chrifrs'fake; 011r time! invert it, and we po on~ly diligereAugufiinum in~hrifio, ~eloveChrift the 6etterforst.Aufiinsfafte, andit m~;~y be,foo1fldnot li/ze Chrifi at·all ifit werenot inAufiins mouthandparts. 1 f(he preachingof chrift in 4 crucified!Hie, pow i! accounted foolijhneffe, as hereto– fore in acntrifiedfiat e. · But tHofaUDivinity.itmaJbefaid,Or– nari res tanta negat, contentadoceri; fo ffpecially adi{co~rfe ofConfcienceneeds– leaft the dreife of humane Ornaments, requires moft the jirength of DivineEvi.. d~nceandUemonfiration ot theSpirit. , It i.r ,a fobjel1 wherein many of emi- ~cnt worth have travelled, jomemore an• tiently~ ma11y moreof latter times, a1Jda• mong f!lr felwes :· ·:All which will have · - their I • '