Sheffeild - Houston-Packer Collection BJ1471 .S5 1650

O,r the wel-JPo/z.en Confcience. I I 5 ~ --~--~--~-7------------------~--- ' ' CHAP. . X. '. of the wellJPo~n Ctl'nfl:ienc~. Cap.I~ ... . ..., ------..( '•1 Ttle w~ll-JPok.En Confdet1ce is that wh1ch Of thewe-t~ «an make the $oule agood Anfwer,or up- fpokencon• on juit Occafion can·make fit Demand! j and fcience~ put forth hisG.!i_eres. This is that good Con- ~ fcience, or rather Property of it which Peter commendeth fo much, refembling it .toNoahJ' Arkband faith of it, that it faves us. I Pet. 3. 21. The lilz~ figure whereunto even Bapti[me doth alfa now (CliVe ut, not the putting aw~ of the filth of the jlejh , but t~uvEII'a-e(i)' ci.y~a~·~ i'lf~~~tn{-t~. The anfwer of a good Confcience towards God. . \Vhich word 'E-rJe~rJT>ift.rL 6gnifies as well or rather an InterrogtJtion, then an Anfwer ; . Stipuldio. Some thinke theApJ(fle doth al– lude to that Practife of Demands made in Baptifme; CrediJ; Credo ? which Pratl:ife though very Ancient, yet may be queftioned whether fo Ancient. Our Tranjlatorr have chofen rather t<> · render E1l7spA1Tn[-<ct anAnfwer. And in this fenfa it tells m; what confciencehath to do. Firfi, It makes a good and ready Anfwer to God; It is ever as quick of Speech as it is ~f Sight) ot>.Of Hearing; when God faith See~ye my fa ce, my heart faith David talkd Q[ it and went up and downe with it. Thy I, :a fac~ /