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Cap. I 0 fact Lord11 will feek.!_. Pfal. 27. 8. It is writ– . .. ten<(me that I fhould doe thy wiU, Pfal. 40. 8. ConiCience replyes, thy wili 0 myGod is m 1 wiO. 1hy taw is in my hrart,l am content to do it. Ho1b· 2 • 1· Confcience goes often into Habu~f<.! watch Towrf', and watcheth Iifiening what the Lord hath to fay, and frudieth what to anfwer when he isJ;o~nHnto. Speak Lord faith Confcience, 1Sam.3.tO· for thy fervant beareth ; yea Confcience- is a· ready to aske, and Iifren, Lord what wilt A · ~· 6 • tbuuhavemetodoe l As Auguftineofien,daquod jubu, et jube q;~od vis. Lord give what thou commandefr, and giv~ what Command ·thou wilt.; f..,oquere Magifler bone, .Jibenter te · audifJ, et cHm adverfaris mihi, et cum irafcerit audio te. Cyprian. · S~condly, It makes a good anfwer J~ .S.~ ov, for Godaccording to that Precept, 2 or 3ver fes before. 1 Pet, 3. I 5, I 6. Santiiftt the Lord God in your hearts, and be ready ~lway IQ give an anfwer to every man thqt aJ~thyou a Rea– fan ofthe hopt, that i1 inyou withmet~mffi and reverence having agoodConfcience, that wherea~ they [peak..._evi !1 ofyouai ofeviO dooer J thg may be a(hatJZedtbat falfelyaccu(epur goodctmverfation in Chrift. So that with S. Peter it is a matter of Confcience, and amark._eof 11 good Cg1J(cienct,– t obe ready to yeeld an account of our Spi– ritual! frate when it is required ef us. Nico. J~mJJ.r thought he was bound in Confcience to ftand upandmak~ an Anfwer for Cbrift, when he was un1ufUy condemned in the Coni1ftory, bdng never heard and never fummon~<l