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I 1 20 Thehoneft dealing Confcience. Cap, I I mift faith, he fometimes did. Pfal. 7 7. 6. ~ ..- From whence it is that you fee Hill young Converts,theyhav,e~any que(tiont to make, and cajet to . put; they dare not walke at a venture (a~ thewordis,Levit. 2~. 2 r, 23, 27-) for tflat Is mdeed to wal~ contrary toGod,as it there rendred, CHAP. XI. Ofthe ~neft dealing Conjcien'ce. Of the 1_ 10 • Q OodConfcience mufr not onely be Good neftd,a'mg r. • d d . b d , 0 ne· n at 1 eemg,an goo atfaymg, ut as goo 1 Je ce. at doing;therefore I adde after the well...fighted, -and well fpoken Confcience, The wel/.- / dealing. This which we call thehoneJl Con... fcience, a confcience ofab[o] ute n eceffi ty in a Chrifilan. fo much ofhonefty before men, . fo m~ch ofgoodConfcience beforeGod; want <:amnion hmzefty ; and all that is left, is but h,pocrifie. Saynot this is morallity, an4 it is to be f() und among Heathens;It isDivinityal... fo, and mufi be found amongChrHHans; re• . ligion teacheth to honour it, though not to -reft in it . And the Chrifiians care muft be not to dejp~(e it, but txceed it. Of this good confcience Paut glorieth, whilehe faith, Heb. I 3. I 8. Pray for us ; for wetruft tJ:'e ha'llt a good Crmfcien.;e in al thinJ!,J,willing to live bonefllJ. TQ live ho.nefily i11 ~11 thlpgs,; is anhonor to an · · ·· · · .llpoftle)