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Ofthe wel-fpo~n i:onfciencc. · ,I 19 · ... - Secondly, u£pco'Tn~tt fignifies rather an In- Cap. 8 terrngationor demand,asBez.a faithwell upcn ---– the place, though0Uf tranilati011 rende.r it eT~: r.lT;_'! an anfwer. Confciencehathmanyque{tions to pro refponde– put, and it is frill the nature ot confcienti- re, & ~eJfi· ous men to be enquiring, as 111amahs wife, fir:ar~vz_xpu' · · l · r , tem1amapwhen lhehad che Angel to re10lveher, now te u[urpari tell U!' bowfball we order the CbiJde? v\'hat fball po(fo Be'Z.l we doe unto him? All that came unto Iohn, 1 Fer. 3.11 wroughtupon by his ~1in,iflery, came with )ud-13-I z. this queftion Lu~ 3· 10, 12, 14. The moft proper, and pertinent quefdon, And nJ/Jat jball we do ?What fball n:edoe? ~aid the Publicans, andPeople 1 and Souldiel'! : So is confcience frill inquifitive, deilring to goe upon fafe ground,:S. h inquires at the mouth of God. I. By Prayer~ as V avid, Lord fbaU I goe? I Sam-3o.8 as .JtJb, That which Ij€e not, teach thou me. Job-~ 4·32· 2. Bytheword, How is it written? How readeft Lu;\. 10- z6 . thou? is copfciences queHion; And to the l[a. s. 2 0 • Law and Teftirmmy, is confciences refolution. 3· Confcience enquires a~ the PriefiJ lips, and fetl<Ef the law at his moutb)dal.2. 7- Com:::$ unto him for privateConfir,ence, and fatisfaB:ion. + Confcicnc,e puts cafes inwriting, and r.rop~m_ndshis doubts a11d fcruples, andde- 'llres relolution, As the CarimhianJ had written toPaul, in a certain cafe whichdid mu ch Ferplex them, defiring his refoludon, ~ Cor. 7. I. Lafrly, hath many quefiionr to put home tO a manJ folft ; He mun cnmmune with his own heart, and cati[chis (pirit to ma~ adilige~t ·Jearch in hlm[elfe, as thePfa.l- -1 ~ 11lift