Sheffeild - Houston-Packer Collection BJ1471 .S5 1650

122 7he bone.ft d~aling Cdnfcience. Cap. I I. andSamuel, Teftifie ~gainft mee, wb:Jfe ox, or ----whofe 11ji hcn!c.I tak!n l whpfe gold, or filver JSam.I 2.3 or apparel have I purlohu~d, or coveted.? Ad.~o. 23 whom have I deftauded, or whom have I 2 Cor·7 • 2 • circumvented in ·bargaining? The good ground in the Parable which maketh befi ufe of the vVord, is expoundeq by our Savi~ our to bee t~egood and honeft heart', Lu~8. I 5. And the man who is to bee admitted into Gods holy place, mufi bee fuch an one as bath cleanhand1 and .apure heart, Pfal.24·4· G.1dlinlji and honifrie are joyned together,. ·1 Tim.2.2. as be:ing infeparable. The life pf , G'odlinefs is bound up in the bundle of Ho~ ·neil:ie. They aremother and daughter,as NaGmi Ruth 1 • 1 6, and Ruth,andcannot partcompanie. Where I'· thougoe~, I will go, faith Ruth, where thBI~ dweliefl, I will dwell,where thou dieft, I will die; and bteburiedwith thee, Thy God i1 my God; fo ,thefe go togethe~, fray together , live toge– ther, die together!; 'for they both ferve one • and the fame God. Pietie without HoneHie is but foeming Pietie-,and really Pharifaicat Hy.:. pocrifie;and all Honefiie without true Pietie is but Semi-honeftie,andat befi but Philofophi– cal,&Paganifh moratitie. Elch of them par- ' ted make' but halfe of a ri1an. Both toge· ther make a compleat Ch~ifiian. _ TheGood Ce>nfcienc7 mufr ever confider wha.t may fiand with HoneH:ie.' \Vhen car– nail Reafon and worldly Policic bid thee run with Gehazi, and fay, This thou maifr ~o, and that thou maifi ge~, here is a_n Qpporturzitie,