Sheffeild - Houston-Packer Collection BJ1471 .S5 1650

The·honeft dealing Con(cience. 123 "/"Jrtunitie, negl ea: it not; Good Gonidence Cap~ I I. faith to them as Abmr to Afahd, Turn afide _____ .... u·ts from following mee,for how .fhalt I then holdup 2 Sam. 2~ my head before Joab? How !hall I anfwer this 22. another day ?Therefore no more Gain then what will ftand withGodlimfi. What I may ooke with Hopeftie,that I will take; what I ~an keep with Hpnefl:ie,- tl'lat I will keep ; ' ,.vhat is offered upon Terms of dljhonefiie , I : .may not, I will not receive; what is received inway ofdifhonefiie, I muft and 1 will reflore, as didZacheZH. Better Salvation {houldJ;uke 19,8. come to my houfe when I am r~fioring, then damnation to ~y. foul, andacurfe intomy .. houfe, and upon my Pofts:ritie; when I a.m receiving. God fhaf<.!. every man ou~ of hit-. houfl and efiate that refioreth not what i$ in- . juriouf1y gotten,faithNehemiah: and good·Neh·S·l3, Confcience faith Amen to it. It {hall nevec bee fa id of mee,faith the confcientious man, that fin, or Satan, orfra~d,orrapine,or tt[urie, or briberie hath made mee rich : for the fire ofGo.d fhall confume the .Tabernacle! ~f briberie~ faith Eliphaz,Job I5· 34· And the Congregation of hypocrites Jhall bee defolate. But hee that wal~th in righteoufne(t, a~djpea~th in up~ rig~tne{s•bee that deffiifeth thegain of OppreJJions, andjha~thhu ba~ds from holdinJ!, ofbribu, that floppethhu ears from hearing of bloud, and Jhutteth hu eies from feeing ofevil, (viz.heetha~ is every way a iuft, an honefr, and a plain dealingm1n,) hee jhal dwel ort High, bu Place (l.j 4e[enc~ Jh~lt b~e the munition of Rnclv ; · · · }.>rea;&(