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f"'·. Cap.i2. .,,. CHAP~ XII., , • • , " ' • ~ ~ • '., ~ •• ~ J .... T. He next go.o~ Confcience is the tender The Ted,;. Confcience ; a difpofition which the der co_ri~ . world calls Nicenefi5 Simplenefs~ Peevijbnefl; fderice. 1imoroujnefi; Serupuloufnefi; a11d wHat not? -BLit it is the Right Temper ever of the gra:- tious heart, it is that heart of Jlejb .promifed in the New Covenant, Ezek. 36. 25. and is that neWDivineNat~r~ wrought ~n theNe"' Creature, wheri mite the oldheart of(tone is ta• ~n or;t ; it is that Tremulom and Contrite Spl.ridnwhich God delights to dwell,Ijai~ 57 ~ 1 5. next to the Companie of an Ang~l; or aglorifiedSaint. Thur faith the High and I lcftie 6Jne>that inhabiteth Etemitie,who(eNamelfa.66.I,,;. ir Holie: I dwell in the high and holy place;with him ,J!fo that is of aJ:ontrite and bumble f}iritl to revive the Spirit of the humble; .and ti revive theheart of.the contrite onei. This was that - gracious difpofi tion for which Joflab was praifed and fParetl, Eecaufe thy heart ivJr tinder:t and th&u haft humble(l thy ftlf; wh'en thou beardej! what Ijjaf<! againft thisplace,&c~ andhaft rent ~hJclotlieJ; Jtndwept before mee; behold, I willga~ ther tiJee unto thyfather J zn peace, and thine eieJ jhall not foe th'e evil which I wilt bring upo" tbii place,(•mh the Lord, 2 King. 22. 19,2o. . .~: Thls was that folf-Jmiting that was ftiU K abferved ' I