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IjO The tender Confc~ence. Cap.I2. obferve~ in !J avid':; heart,which ibewed him .. to bee of a nght tender Confdence. When · bee had done a verie fmall injurie to his deadly enerpie Saul (the Lords Anointed) not touching his life) but his lap,not cutting his 1hroat, but his Coat, his HecJrt fmo ;e him much; ·heewi!hed it had been to do again, hee would not then have done it, I Sam. 24· s· and 2 Sam. 24- JO. when bee had comn1itted that other {1n of pride in numbering the people,Huheart fmote him ag.eih, hee cries out 1 have finnedgreatly, I have done very foolifh!y : This is that tendernefs in converted ·Ephraim, Jer. 3 I. 19• who [mote otl hii thigh, ·when ftnf1ble of his ,finful miicarriage, and in the penitent Publican, who fmvte bimfolf on hubrfaft, Luke 18.13· Agraciousandbleffed frame ofheart itis. · · . , , But oppofite hereunto is that temper of the wicked, ahd gracelefs heart, which the ScriFture brands with many ignominious names. The HeartofStone)Ezek. 36.2-6. The heart of Admzant, Zech. 7. !'2. The Brawn_j, dedolent Coufcience, Eph.Lj_.. I 9· The fPiri"t tf jlsmzber, or Letharg1e, Rom. I I.8. Eie.J withoztt fight, iet in the head. The whores for£– head, Ter·3·3·, :The flijf neclz, iron finew and br(}W ·fJj brajs~- Ifai. 48. 4- ·The feared Con– fcience, 1 Tim.4. z. Greedineft of fin, Eph.4. I 9•. Ifai . s6.II. The Enlarged,CapacioM, Gtave– li~e, or Hell-li~ confcience, which is as an Opm fepulc!Jre, receiving all that comes Hab.2. )· near it, entertaineth the mofcflin~ngcarcafe, and