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~arents; but his vain Companio'i1s. But C~.12~ ~, he pnely can be faid truly .to be of a G9od- ~ nature,who is p~rtal5,er Qf the:V~vine Nature. 2 Pet.I·4~ I ap.1 direCbrifl fets us another Example. H~ was as immoveable as a Rock, as h~rd tH .Adamant, he fet his foct 41 flint, Uii.)Q·7• Wh.enhe heard any evil mo~ioneq, Get. thee . beh'indeme, Satan,Matt.J6. 2 3.faid he toP~t~. So tctSatan tempting, Ma:tt~. 4· ~o. Get thee hence S~tan s But to God, It it r~JJ defire to tlo Pfai.4o.8~ thy will, 0 my God. I caq1e not to do my own will, but hi1 tha~[ent ~ee. And t:o John, It be- ~h·6·31• c~r«es m to fwfill all righfeoufnefi. This i_s theE~:~:~~; . · · nght ga,ot/, Nat~re, to have a face of fhnt, a · · · fore-:head ofAdamant, harder then flint, as Eze~els wa~ to any evil motion, but as foft as wax to any good: l3ray him in a mortar among wheat, yet is he frecifaft and unmove-: able : This hardnefs is better ~he~ all that. former tendernefs. · ··_-· · 4· The fourth ill tendernefs is of that Confdence which iswea"'~ndfick{y(tld~iaifttV ~hef\poftlecallsit,ICBr.~.l2.) and which ' ' lS eai"ily c~ft dow~ and dtfcouraged : This was the difeaf: of the ftony ground~ it was fo tender, that It was offendecl at theCrofs. ' · · · Outward te7Jtlerneft u a difeafe, inward is a virtue; Theflonygroundwas outwardly tentler but inw:zrdly hard,thercfore.could not endur~ ~nyoutward fcorching ; Thegood groundon the other fide was inward!J {oft and tender t<? give Root to the feed received, b,ut. it was. , "U~Jl!~rdlyhart!y, abl~ to endure all we~thers. - · ·· · This . . ~·