Sheffeild - Houston-Packer Collection BJ1471 .S5 1650

Cap. 12~ 3. At:Iiird faultie tendernefs is that too ·~ ":"~~ rp.ucq facilneft , ·and jlexiblenefi 'of fpirit t~' ev~~yr Counfellor,and Enticer, whereby" the bltnde often foilowes the blinde, or atleaft:, the blincle folldwes the 'lam-e : for which E– phraimwas broken in .J!-Idgerpent,be£aufe he.– ~~as fo readie and obfequious at every com– mandement,Hof.~. ~ 1. of this manyou may: fay he is ·· · ' . · · · Cerem in vitiutn jle&i, monitoribUI aflm•. As ":'ax h)r foftnds, pto~1e to. every vice~ ~s thorns for iharpnefs, ttern to oeft advice. Yo~ngand Thus tender-heartedwas Reb.oboam,2Chro,. t~r~~d13·7· Tener corde. But to .whom was he fo . M,olli~ a•i- ten~er-:-hearte~? It was onely to the young mo. Jun• meris Courifel. The wifer Old men found '.'' hiril not [o tender to better coupfell, but per-: tinadoully friffe to them, and immoveably re-:- folved not to yeeld in the leaft to any fiib– m.iffivePetitions~for the~ale of his aggrieved Snbjetl:s. Zedekiah;who rebelled moft againfr th~ word of the Lord of any other, was as eafie and flexible to the Princes ·as CO\lldbe imagined, Jer.,-8.5 .the l{!ng il not he who can do any thing ·againfl )fJU, faith he to the Princes ; but as inexorable and refratl:orie to Je.remj as was pofilble. Thefe the worldcalls yourGoiJd Natures, you may work them as you will; and lead them ·whither youwill; .,l\t who i~ it that may lead them? Not God~ pot the godly Minifter, pot hi.s re~ig~ous~ ·- .. .. ··· · · · Parents ; ... '" - · ; ...... '.J