Sheffeild - Houston-Packer Collection BJ1471 .S5 1650

The tender Confcience. ----------------------------~----~-- ' and too ·much Severitie; yet he hath this. Cap.I2• honourable Tdl:imonie from the Spirit of.... """"' God, 2 King. 22. 25. Li~ .to him there w.u nokjng before him, that t.urned to the Lord with ·all huheart, and.withaD bi4 .foul, according to all the Law ofMoftJ 1 neither after himarofe ·nny li~ unte him. Yet this tender-hearted· }ofiah burnt idolatrous Priefrs alive, and facri fi ced them upon ·the altars, and b~trnt the bones of the dead: He threw down Altar~, and would not leave fianding any of the old high Places , that fame 'o/orfe Kings had fet up, and_ fome better Kiilgs had in theirdaies tolerated; he would ·allow no longer . diverfitie of worlhips , and pluralitie of Religions, upoh~ny fuchpretence as giving of Confcience. This had been a foolifh t~derne.ffe had hee_qone fo, and had (fitter for a·weak.Re~oboJm) been th~greatef,t ~ impfetie that couldhave·Jb.een ·fhewed to GoJ, and thegreatett · tnens fouls . · Jeroboam andJehu in their_own things zea.;. lous, iri matter of the fub jeB:s libertie' fee:. mingly amt f'ofitic~ly -. tender )··flout Cham– ptons againft; :and bold Qppofers of the Exorbitancies of Princes; ·but all was to bnilde th~r own houfe~ ·; in the thi~gs of God as ' cold as ·colewod:s. Jeroboam frameth -~·P.6Uti~~ · Iteligion ~:iutable to the 7:empe, ·of the.Reople; e1nd ht~ would hav~ Pri~fts of .t lie Te~per of ~~s . Religion ; iio Scnpture Cano·n to fettle his·Religion by, or any ~red up in the Schools of the Pro.. phcts,