Sheffeild - Houston-Packer Collection BJ1471 .S5 1650

The tender conflieiice~ · . Cap. I 2. ph~ts, ( their the~ Univerfities) fo~ .his · · •. Prteils; · but any gtfted, or rather gtv1ng - brother, thoughot .the lowcil: of the people; .fit to Officiate ih that Ernploimeht, which theyatheiftical!ylook upon as a humane bot politicki~venticn to keep men il) awe, and Order; He~ewas Sta.te-tendermfs indeed, bnt too much; but no Church-Te.lldernifs at all; great and tender .refp~a: had to their own . glorie, none to God's, and actordibgly it profpered•. _. . . On the other fide you fihde Nebeniiah ,ear:. .rieft and tender ii1 God's Honour: and In·.;,; N h Sterefi; carefull he was ' and ftritl: order he ;;.1;~·1 gives that ~h~ Sab~at~ be mot~e religioui1y .obferved; how em~aged was he to fee the Temple, or any·lodging therei16to belong,;; ing to bee perverted from that ufe hich it ver.8. was firfi intended for? he threw out Tribiahs hqufhuldftujf, he req9ired the Priefrs and Le– ver.Jo.u. vites Portions and Tithes iliould be reftored·) / ptmt~edwith theNobtu, and tookon paffio– nately' becaufe the.Ho~[e ofGod WM joi'faken; yet in his own -particular concertlme!JtS he' was themofrremi[smail in the world, to the· lofs ofmanya (air hundred of pounds that ·hemight of h:is Publike Offices_i as well as othe~s. before him, But thm did not· .h~ bccaufi of t/J_e fear .of bif God,' Neh.). I)• 2.0fGod's 2. This tendernefs 'mt.dl: !hew it 'fdf·agahi trurh. 'in refpect of Gq'(lt1ruth , _whiCh · mufr be hDught, not fold. , How tender or jealous do you fincle P4ul, Gal. 2.11, when the trt!thof . the .