Sheffeild - Houston-Packer Collection BJ1471 .S5 1650

To the Reader. .· to irreligious nihilums, andfett~es infcep– ti~:ifm at . /aft, or ftmle.ft Athetfm ; -a~d feating.leaj~ ourJmal Co~tlor Spark._whteb k yet re!Jtaining, ourfo~tedCoal of Ifra– el ( of R.eligionJ Faith, andgoodCOIJfoi– ence )fhouldbe qHite put o,ut, which tflm.e feems to be ffruc.k._at,and in great dllnger: 1 have with Crrefus S'on who hadnever Jpo~en before, till he Jaw his Father~ lift_ intha danger, brok.en tbatfilence, and brokpout from that privacywhich I could ·. - g!adlJ have enj"Je,d. Bl!t -ifRtligion be indanger, asclearly it is, I conclu'd~dtluzt ifDumbmen foould not .cry out, tiJe 'l!ery fiones wouldcryout againft them• . . Confcience is the . Book ofBooks, the dncien~q1 pieceofScripture in theWorld, the ftrfl TablesofGods ownhewing, and ·Hand-writing in ~he heart, for whefe~~~ a/1other Beqk.f ftnce, 1ea, the Scripture W41 .after purpofely written 111 Comment upo1Z it. . Unicuiq; fuus liber CQnfcientiCJ, & pr9pter hunc libellum, omnes alii libri inventi ··funt,' ifBernard fay tr11e. · _ Thi.r ·i~ thy Book_,which thoumuft,he well 'l.let{ed zn, or all thy other read1ng will be unprofit..~ble. To ,jbtdy other Books way p1a~ thee aScholler, but to flud; th~ mak,es thee tfChrifiian. , conI r