Sheffeild - Houston-Packer Collection BJ1471 .S5 1650

To the Reader; thei.r dej~rved praife in the Churches of Chrift untofocceedi1Jg Age.r. .AndJCt it , " ·~ · · JPere m11ch to be wifhul, that either more JPere written in thefe daju bi thofe wh~ .. 11teio!~ !p.H, andofmore leifure a·ndabili- . I . . ties, or that r»hat isalre'ady written were mort read, il:udied, perufedandpratti.. V fed.. ·. , .Asfor me, although I cannot hut be Jo far 6t leaft Confcious to myownweakpejfe.r 1111d infiiJ!iciencies 111 to fay with Gieileon, ls not my thoufand the leafi in theTribe? ttnd is not Jome others Gleanings better than my wholeVintage? yet having ex- , peBed thatfome ofmore dayes, andname, . andpart.r fhruld have JPo~n. in Abners 2satP;.~ •.•Janguage to Jpab, callingfe-r tt Ceilation, 2~. or a Retreat, How Ipng fhall it be ere thou hid the People return from purfu– ing their Brethrep? thttt our Swords of ·Contention may he beaten intoPloughthares ofmore uje a1zdfruitfnlnejje for ihe Lords field ; andour Spears ofdijfirence int--0 Pr-gning~hooks, toprune anddreffi the L9rds Vineyard; leaft all praeficoill DivinitJbeeaten 1Jp.ofcontroverjid,wbit:h being exhaledfir.ft from more fpecious u– trums,fhortly t:ongeale.r intomoregrofs & · .·dubious neutrums~&4t /aft diffolveJ in- : to