Sheffeild - Houston-Packer Collection BJ1471 .S5 1650

The te11Jer C(Jnfcience-. . 151 his dew in fweeiefr drops. So is th~s Soul Cap. I 2 . affected with the Love and Grace ot God : -·t • ~hall I fin beeaufe Grace dotb abo14nd.? Shall I l\om.6.I· _ love ~he.Jc:fs,becaufe Godhath loved m,emore~ . · Is this turequite the Lord, to be maft ftraitened when his bowels have been moft enlarged? fduft not Jy.dgements needs break, whom Mercies canno~ pend ? Is he not worthy ,~ohaveJudgement with9ut mercif,that dejpifeth mercie l And may not he ex,fpe8: to fiude grace ttirpecl into :furie, who hath alreadie -turned Grace intoW4rltflpnefll This Iaft is the Tender11efs offilial Love, ~s the former was of filial fear. And fo muchofthis fir£1: part ,ofTendernefs in refpe8: ofGod. 1 Secondly, Tendernefs ofConfciencemuft ~· An rr . {hew it felf in reference to Men a!> well as to l~~ 0 God, and fo both to all in generall; and to 0 ers. .~ach man particularly, togodly, towickf:d, to prong, toweak.:, . 1· To tbe godiJ, aud that, I. FGrbearing to r. The .Qffend, 0ne of them, one of the leaft of themGodly. by a~y jufrfc~pqal,or grievance on our·parr, r .r~~i~ot _Wbo u offindetil (at leafl:throughmy default) fhem. g 4nd l bu.rn not 'l faith tender Confcience. · "' He is ever tender of\hePeace',and frudious of. ·the fatisfa&i~:m.ofevery honefr man. ·If my meat,_ or my Wine, or my apparel!, or my -hair, or my Companie make my brother t9 cffind, I will eat no meat, drink .nowine, ' pu~ on .no fuch apparel) keep on no fi1ch -hair, fr~quent no fuch companie while the worldftail<ieth.,leaft I ma~mybrothet tooffend. : ·· L i This ., • /