Sheffeild - Houston-Packer Collection BJ1471 .S5 1650

150 .·· . ~ Cap~I 2 him i Oh this is a defperate condition : 1:be - . t Hyp~cr'it~.f. in heart heap up »iratb, theJcrjenot Jr.hen.h..e hind~th tbem,]ob.3-6. i3• '· · . · L~illy, this gracious frame of lt.eart dot~ ~h. ~Ind~r make , the foul ~·ndelv than? and melt undev t e ovmg ·· · · . ;; · · · ~indenefs the fenfc of the rce favour, a.nd abuRdant pfGod. , love of God ; As yoq fee the le~ contr~eteq V' • ' · andhardenedwith ·cold, dijfol.ves of it felt under thewarmthof the Sun. This is right Evangelical Tendernefs; Shall not iOmuch conflrain me? What cords fhall draw~ nte, if.thefe~rawnot? Afler [uch d~liverance ar thir, Jl!all we again brea4 tby commandr ~ Wouldft tbo~ nat. then be tnore:angriu:vitb Uf ? fay thofegodly a'41d Gofpel fpirits inEzra'.r 'ime, E;r.a 9• ~4· This was the gracious Temper ofth~t poorwon)an,Lu4._e 7.38. dif– folved TearS-by thewar~1 qver~conii~g Love. o£ Chrifi. 'Chrifi loved much , fh~e ~ou~n~d m~cb; Chrift forgave much, fbee re~ pented .m~ch, Thi$-isthe right Oofpel Tern~ per tofear,the Lord and .h,is ~n.od.tJeft, Hof. 3.- 5. Haveyounot feep t,hehardei~ Sl!gar.4ilfolv~ ~f: it felf when dipt into theCup of wine? :No_thing fo powerf~lly bre~ks and diifolves ;t graciou-s heart, or hath the- li~c wolll~ fyingvirtue, as tobee fteeped in the Love of Chrift. Lord thou ha(f r~vifhe~ my h~art with, 4th] Eyu. TheMafl:ens eye·and-heart of Loye fet Peterrheart afire, ahd his- .eyes ~ t>roach. Jufr-as yo\l bav:e-f~en the. foft apd ~ende fire drawing out all th~ mqifi~re of t~e 1~ire~e4 R-9fe, a~d~ ~a~fipg i~ t9 difihi!l . .. . ' 1$