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The tender Confcience. . 1'53 and laie open their na~ednefs to their dif- Cap. I 2. grace. That godly f:mperour Cenftantine- - was quite ofanothe_r nn~de, w~o ~as ~ont to faieifhe fhould finde a Chn{han B1fhop, or Paftor overtak!n in any infamom AU,hewpuld rather put/ ffhil pmple Robe to throwupon hi~ to cover him, then that ,any fhsuld ctJme by hu means to hear of it~ to the foandal of Religion. I am fure this is more like to the Examplt of Cbrift, who cafts his PurpleRobeupon us,that our fins fhould not be t aken notice of. · 3• Th_is ~~ood. Conrcience w~l~ ~ake us ~· Notdi~ tender of dijagreemg With, or dtvtdmr, from fenting, or any who are godly, upon unneceffane and dividing frivolous grounds. Enter not upon doubt.. ftom them. ful difputations, fall not qpon queftions that nourifh jangling, but ddtroy Eelification : This is the (:Ominon fin,or mifede fhall I fay, ofthefetimes? Or fl1all I fayboth~ There is much ofmifory in this fin, and much of fin in this mifory. How much good is ill fpoken ofordinarily, becaufe it is thegood of fuch perfonsagainftwhomwe have taken up a prejudice? andho,w~tnuch ill is gladly fpoken of with the Joy ofall the heart, when it is offome perfons,ofwhomwehad rather hear ill then well? when we lhould fiudie to make and reprefent one another as good as we could, that we .might congreg4te and unite,we firive t0 make (at leaft to reprefent) one another as bad cis we can, that wemay difgregate, and divide. This i~ a lamfntation_, ~pdcannot but be for a lamentatlon to all , · · , · , ~odl~