Sheffeild - Houston-Packer Collection BJ1471 .S5 1650

'1he tender C~nfcience. Cap. I 2.godly,apdpeaceable fpirits, to fee~hun.:.: _ _ 100 kinde Heats and Animofities raifed anch:he~ r!lhed among men (o~her~ife) godly, ju~i<;IOUS) amllearned, dtffermg abour·matters ofno great moment; yet filling the worl-d with bitter inve8:ives one againft the other.. Jerom is fallen out with Rujfinm, andwritC!S. bitterly againfr him,RuffinU:J thinks as much fcorn ofJerom, as -he couldpoffibly of him~ · be refolves not todie inhis debt>he writes as bitterly againfi him. The troth is thougl\ both good men, they were both to blame. There was too much of paffion in them both; Mufr they needs be ·condemned, and abandonedbyall men, whom fome learneq ;;nen have once condemned, and that haply out ofinconfideratepre)udic~ ? mufl: a god.. ly ma~ be prefently e~.pnnged out of th<; Ct;Jiendar qfSaints, andenrolledin the blacl\ Eill of Hereticfv, becaufe it pleafeth fomc; to reckon him {uch ? Mufr Jerom"s ondy Cenfure, and !harper writings againfl: Hel"! vi dim, Jovi'!ian; Vigilantiu!, Aerize:r, or fom~ others, make them ip(o frJE1o execrable Here~ ticks ? Wben t;~pon through difqoifition and calmer confideration their reputed errorS. were but the prejudices of thofe -prefent times : Oh how were it to. bee wHhed that ~his were more thought of upon all hands: So that Chriftians !night not be to Chri– fiians as the Jewu were to the Samarit;snt-:. Joh.4. 9· 1he ]ewes have nodealing with Sama.. r~t4n1 • .(\ne( that ~negodly manmightn~