Sheffeild - Houston-Packer Collection BJ1471 .S5 1650

- . ' TheTreeofKnowi~dgehathoftenpro.: , ved to tbe fons of men the Treeof.Evill; thefruit tlumgh delightful to the/fje,and. pleajant to the taft~, ·often prcving bjtter Apples of contention ; God bathJHftlJ ' hedgedit in, andJet att_Angelt~ l{eep man , from ~tpproaching it. · BHt the Tree of Confcience is ever the Tree of Life, hk fruit n. meat, his leaves medicine, ttnd . · his 'VCrJ fbade tlmfortt. hle:. AndtrN/y if , 11 man ha'Ve but fo m~~cb Knowledge, as to– get ~tnd fteep ~ g.oodConfcifnce, t!Jough ke . canJtever att(11n ttJ thofe · Speculatt• onswhich theworldadmires, it -Henough. ., · I would have Jp11, J aith the Apofile to t/Je Ro\ 16 • 191 Romancs, as fimple to evil], as wife to . good. Andour Saviour. /~ t~ofe ofT~yatira~ JVhofe parts couldnl!t reach the botI.Oifle of thtfe .jlr'anccte and deep, ntJtioni .•bich they called B«9r, depth1; thoilgh depths ofSatan, co~tnting their doCtrines of licentioufneHe depths, And the old plain Jin(:erity 11nd confcientio~tfneffi but _. fballows and fimplicities,I willl2y upon . . you no other burthen.., but what you have already hold ·fafi till Icome~ Rev. 2 '!t The trut/5 if, Heave11 a_nd G/()ry are not for the le4rned Scr.ibe, and the scholler· /i~_e"Difputa~t., for Seraphiaal parts, and Serpentine ·,