Sheffeild - Houston-Packer Collection BJ1471 .S5 1650

I ., ' . Serpentine pates ; hut for the poor and Ji.mple~the Babes and children wpo attend/ .the lznowledgeofGo~andConft.ience.' and ~tre lgnoramufie~ 1n the Worlds scunce.r 4nd grand MJfteries. ·Ht:' that receiveth not the Kingdome of God as ·a little e:hild, ChaU not enter therein. . Thefe timc1 ofour.r hAve been toofruit;.. fol ind~fpute1 andcuntr·overje.r; in.. deal- ~ ingwithwhich a1 there i1 no end,fo. in the tndnoJatisf:llion at all, or .. benefit: . To which thtrefor(. tlut ofthewife 111an 11tllJ /Je applyed:Better is theEnd than ,the Be– ginning, thuugh Both are Vanity ; and hetter th ·n 1bembtJth k a total abHinence from ·them~andanharmleffenefcienceof them. But how b<Irren·are we,and unfruit• f~t!/ in the right knowledge of God, and faith in.Jefus chrifi, and that con(cietiti– oufndle wh1eh doth adorn the chrifiian•. Never wa1 there more Knowledge in th~ lVorld, andnever leffe ; · Never fo many Saints, never fo few; 'Never fo m'uch of' Co~fcience in t~e world, and never fo lit• . tle; Notionall Knowledge never more, SubHantiall andObedientia.ll never lelfe1 Titular Saint~ never fo many; their nu'tn· her a1 tbe fandof.tbe Se4, their natureas. the ftoner, or myre in the jireet.s..; .lteall · · , Saints