Sheffeild - Houston-Packer Collection BJ1471 .S5 1650

" To theReader. ,. . I . Sa~~tts . never jo few, their nature lis t~e Stars in: the Slje, _ ~~~~ -~heir numberlefl~ -than ofthemoft:preciou_s ~to1;1es :and Rit~ 'ier,ftwe~ tfoan t~e gat~~ ofJe~t;tfql~m,~r $ in Aarons B~efi~plate1; for each tribeon~; Never fo m~c~ofC,on: flience h~a~d,~e~e~f~ /ittle.oftt feen ;.E-. very ·m,an prop~und/ng d_oub_tf~l .~erie~ ~boutjt, hut ,onepla~n mafl. ~nafamily, ~r two in~ Tribe, .bufJ!'!g, ~bo~t ~h~.,e?C~r.cifo ofit~ .:..• But asA~~~~ ve_ry ex– ~ellentfJ Jtti&/ ofthe_Poor Gardtner, w~o . hJ~th tin·excelle.nt Fru1t.:..tree in hk_ordJ– j~rd~ 1whereofhe is theundoubted.Owner; he _g•t~-er:s 'a_"d e~ts ~he ~ruit). he_ taft~s the. ['n!eet~efle; ~his _ man; f~ith h~, ~at.h mu~h_ ,11Jore: ·beneftrl&, th~s 'free, t.hough he b~ tt ~ean. Scholler;~anneitherwritc or read; . ~or C4nj,e fell you ~he_ nA?iJe ofh'iJT~~·e iti f!ree~ _or;_Latine, n~r, dot.hb~~ k..!zo.w 'aitj . thing oft~c . A.ntiquJty of it, ~r t?e 9,rig1~ . l)al _·roote_1»h~nee ~~cam~; He ts n~fu_th ~rtift a,r to ta_/ze,th~ heig_h~ ofi,i, n_~r ~' ~ . .lmfie4 ~~ himfelfe to '{teafure .the co'!rPa!fo.. . a.nd.thic/tneffoofhisTree, t?J11Cb reJJe-1o tel~ . tfoeTw.igs t:tndnt~mber the'Apple-s tTn it5But 1 i ~e i.r fur,e_ he i~ t~e q'wner'ofit, tfndit is ali, hjs, t_tiith a~l 4ppurtenanceJ_: He lofl kss to. . th'e fencing; pruning, dre~ng; dun'gi~~ :· , ~. aof