Sheffeild - Houston-Packer Collection BJ1471 .S5 1650

~ To-the Re~der. -lhJ lo~er Heaven~ submit to Confci:nce_; ' -it muft command thee: Be rule_dby ~t, ~t I ..will not w,rong th~e :, _Benotjhte t~f tt, 1t ,-Will.not ,b?tray or dtceive thee,. Againe; I faJ' B~wateof i~; p~ovoke it.not.(as :t·he .Lordfaid. ofhis A11gel) Obey hts VOice; J!r he wil1not fpare the:e.·Ifthott flight qr · ;jlie it, #is At tht Angelin thewayagainft 2Balaain, to ·refift thee.withafword in his -hand: . It .wilt be .an Adverfarie to thee, -'!nda!' J.aformer 1-gaihji th~e.;an Accufer; -Witnefie, Ju9gc;.Jaylor; Tormentor; a : W~rJne~'Rack, Dungeop to thee; yea, thj · upper Hell. · · · .. Secondly, Cotifcience iS totuin Homi.;. ,pis; . It.;is ~he werlcfsgr:eat Charge: Art thou 11 Minal:et.? 41! that_ tho~ ~ajl to doe, -it oiteiJ· to look. we.U to Confeience. Tota ·aftimarutn ·abfolvitur in {ola cudi ""'"'.. ~· '"· ''"'.· tiarum ?· :ttrt thou aChrifiian ? · , i$Jhyl!h~rge, t /i~ his I King. 20.39• .-J..ojj.~9bltto•this/fee'thy eye b'ene'!ler (}ifit: Lettt '!~t breakJoofeandm!l/ze ejeapefrom ~~:;· tbflifefhall'glJ.for it ifit do. ; ~ ~TQc'llll/tConfcien/e a9race is, too little; . r ~t,'t,:r, ~~·Hegai tbeKitigsChamb~rla~ne~the Eft• ~. ~~ ·K.eeper\ :()f all t~e R·oyal Virgins ( tbofe ~~J_!ghttrsofil3eauty). towhofe charge they ::were c.()mmitteds he ~ w.t.r , to Miniflcr to -· .~- a 2 ~ th~m '