Sheffeild - Houston-Packer Collection BJ1471 .S5 1650

, / . To the Reader. them .allJJecejfo.rye.s., he to f~~.rnifh them ']fitbVefhnenl'S, adOdours to purifie them. Co~tfcienc:e i;~ the Keerer of the Gr.aces,in whofoChti~m.ber thtJ IJ.,4ndfronJ PJ~hoje IJctn.d tktJ re«ive rPhatever is requ'i– Jite, tb11t they m_aJ_ be fit toappt4.T in the pr.efonce afthe Krng ofHeaven. , · · To call Conjciettce aDuty i.t Joo littk, it i.s theSumme.tnd.Epitomeofallduty; ' it is not ,aStar, b11t ll Confiell.ationofm4~ · nyfiar.r~ It i.rli~ .thevia lad:ea in the ,Heavt»s, all hej£t withjlarJ; ~~ islil{_e the l.e 4 21.. 2 1+ Gate~ J1.11d Streets ·of the new )cntfalem, the ortuall Pearls, the other all Gold. . '· : I~ a w.ord, what ever·thou tl_rt,andwhat wer i1 thJworh.._, Confcience mHft be thy ChA-rp_ eiW.d thJ 'J»or' k_. . Art tho1i aMer– chant l t!Jis is the Pearl thDumupTrade and lu-1 outfor. Art thou aMarriner.?con– fl·iuu:e is theShip !ho~muft_ foil in; a:nd except thou abide in thi's fhip ( as Paul faid.Jo hi,s Companions)thoucanfi: not be faved.. -' · · . . ' Art thouaSou1dier, "Garrifon soul– dieriConfcience i.t thy Fort toflJ t"6 0 tthich t~oumufl manfullJ defenda~dmaf<!gooJ. ' A, Field-Souldieri C~nfcience mufl_ be thj Word;~fthe enemycget thisfr8m thee;and thouonce fight againfl: Confcience, thou foalt