Sheffeild - Houston-Packer Collection BJ1471 .S5 1650

I . I . I, \ \ I ' ( I , To theR.eader•· .old, of Tr~~fure that willnot 71Jafte. If Ppo~,it f¥!iUf1frnifo thee with aCru[e and Barrel that will notftil.Ifthou haji ag£!~d Cpnfcience,it will·beaflajf tofoppori thee~·. Ifan.·eml , it will-turn itt to a Serpent to. Jiivg thee. Ifthouart 4n Ifraelite,it is the ·fted Sea, fear not to go into it, it will fe– rure th~e; ifanEgyptian, tbo~t art drowpediftho~_t go into it. · If thou b~ a w~man confoience is thy Glafie into w_hii:h thou mufi look!.., ·and by \ ,;vhich thou muft dref(e thy[elf, faith Ber– nard, that t~ou mayeft.pleaflchriji th; spouje-. ' · Ifa l\1aid,tbi.r thy attir~. IfaBride; fhis thyOrnament. If a Mother, thi~ thJ Child, which thoumujinurfe thy felf(not p~t out ofdoorr as Mof~s Mpthe~; didhi~ for anydanger or l;enefit. ) lfaAe heedof frarving a11doverlaying thy Confcience~ ';('houm1!jib( as tend_erof tk?.r_ a,s oft,hJ o~ly Child,for it more concerns the~~ -. · , Who(oe11er tbo~t art, I ha~e two things more to beg, the one for thee~ that what i,{ here all alot~g of Cori.fcience, . may be ..a!fofpoJ~IJ ~o thy Con~ ' fcience!) a17d tend to t~e clarifyjngand fortifyi~g:~· to the p~:trify~ng, pacifying, ~1J;d pref~~~ing oft~) C:~~[fi~~ee:J llf!d ~he ·- · ) ~ otrJer ( , ... /