Sheffeild - Houston-Packer Collection BJ1471 .S5 1650

To the Reader. I ' Jhalt becertaint, roltteddnd nein_eel• Art th1111 a~usbandtnan_ ? tbu·thJfield . to tiU, andG~rden lodreffe. 1 ATradef– man i thir m1tft be thy Shop lo· ~~e i11, andattendnpow. A Chapman t 'thi.r thy . weight andmeafure to b11J andfell h)'. ~rt thou aScholler? Ctmfoience 111Hji be thJLibrary, atleaflthJVademecum. A Divine i this muft betbJTett,,er Do– ll:rine, 11t le1f thy Applicationm11ft beta Confoience.Art thQ1t,a Lawyer~C~njciente 1nufl be thy Principall Client, whofe- c~mfo ifthou wilt plead, tho11foalt b~ve double fees; but i1 thou beofCUHnfelagainft ~r, orby thy oppofition,fiJence,crafr,t!Jr neg– ligence~ foe becttftandoverthrowtie., th.()g Jbalt neper be .tb~e to ftapd in theJudge~ ment, but he difabledpl-e~tding before the Lord ChiefJuHice·at tiJa,t Upper Bench• . · Art thouaPhytitian? Confcimee tmtfl be thyPatient,whttm thr;umuft attendmofl; · be fure to lzeepe her out of aLethargy 1111d · aConfumption, to whichdifeafe.r:foe is naturally, moft inclined; if this Die und~r thy hand, andmifcarry,thouart ail undone man; dnd all thy s~i/1and prallifo ttothing worth, · 1 ' .If tbou be a Rich t]):Jn, ConfciencewiO fornijh thee with -B~ggs which wax not a3 . oiA . '