Sheffeild - Houston-Packer Collection BJ1471 .S5 1650

Y'o the Re4der. ~ · ~a,dy to ·take the guilty Malefactor by the throat; and tQdrag him unto the bar ofDi.. __. vine }uftice, filling his awakened Confcience (in his pa~e thither) with ,the dreadfull t-emembrance ofhis manifold agravated offences, and with the fear iUl expe8:atiqnof that fiery indignatioo, which £ball feedupon all Go~s a~verkt r~es unt'? etem~ty. . Alas,1 How fJtd (beyond expreff10n) w.tll thecon– dition cf every impenitent unpardoned fin. nerbe, whenthemofthigh God, the Judge Qfall the world, lhall fend out Confcience as hi$ officer to arrefr him) and iliall tall in Con– fcience ( whkh hath beenas a prying fecrrta- :J?ro.2o.?.7 ry in his bofome ever, .fine~ he wasbDm) to. s]0b.r2~ a<;cufeltim, afld lhaH commandCo,foience ~ an txccutioner to torment him l Oh the wrackingsand tlrappadoes fuffered night and ·day, by this poor f.elf-cond~mnedcreature ! Who-c,o,m to the fi11l iliew forth the extreame ~aines of the cm:eH gnawings of this'ever– living wornte ? Here I might .mention the groanes, theout-cries of cruell CaU. , trea. d'iet~us Juri~ , ·and· ba.c.kfiidfug defpaifiHg . Spira, but I forhat·e. KNOwing tht terrour of it:'or. S· .tr the Lord, we per[w.tde men (faith the Apoftle:) tltcfe things therforel point at in mypr.eface, that I might prevaile.with thee ( Chriftian · Reader) to in~y,rove.for thy fpiri~u~ll profit, · and that fpeed1 y, this ufefull Treaufe. , , !.know, th'at,moft men through fenfuali- . ty, are in adeep fleep, in the midft , · . ofadangerous devouring Sea, and theyha-- . " 1 f tm·4• 2 ' ving th-eir ConfciemcJ Je~rtd with an hot Iron, are · · altoge-