Sheffeild - Houston-Packer Collection BJ1471 .S5 1650

To the Rettder. altogether fencelcifc.: ~nd rcgardleffe ofthis . .' . their approaching nllfety. ~he drcu~kard ~idmife. afleep uport the topofaMaft, IS no whtt the.,,"*" mi[': d be fc h fO nmJ mf• fafer, but in the greater anger, c~u e c (iramt k~ fleeps there. Howu!lexpetl:edly was Beljba~:.- ip[Mt& -~ · filled with amazmg torments, when he Aoguft. with his Pl'inc~s was caroufing wine, in fil• Dan.. J.> ver and golden veffels? The Lord by fuch ' · like examples, convince thehearts of fecure finners, that the gt.umblings, yea the flum– berings oftheir fleepy Confciencu, w.ill endin hideous howlings &affrighting fc.dcbcings, <Xcept they feafon.ably feeke padfica'tion and I. peace ..with God, through the . bloud ,of fp'rinkling: Be not, 0 be not in this ~afe)ike• unto thofe foolHh debtors, who bearing of an intended arreft, do ·onelybribe the Ser- ' I >!,; - geant, I continuing- careleffe to compound · with the Creditor. Know it, and believe it for thygood, that thy worke lits withGod, that thy eonfcimce may be peactable and -comfortable, whofe good hand Qf_provi- ' dence, hath provided this Tre•tife for thy ufeandbenefit : The Bookwill fpeak mbre · for itfelfe arid the.Reverend Audior, then I _ 'can, fur eitbcr. Hi$ labour doubtleffe was great in compofing it,,and thyp:t>fit certainly will not l?e little, if thoudod~ ferioutly, applyingly and praylngly peruft: it. The . 'common placeofCon{citnct, both in theDo– l:hiuall and l'raCl:icall part th~rcof is here largely and folidly handled, · many other profitable points are occafionally touched ·upon for thyedification : 1}.11 forts are juai- ~ :a cloufiy ., '• .. . j