Sheffeild - Houston-Packer Collection BJ1471 .S5 1650

.. ·. . .. ~·. : ' T9·. all ·Profeffors tha~ lov~ , tpe Lord Jefus Chrifi: ferioufly, aod infincerity• • He great honour which th~ glorious Gofpell ·puts upon CbriG:ians above other men, • confifl:s not in externall en- ; . Jargements~ But partly in the reall dif-– criminatinggraces of Gods fervants in their effelfuall call , whereby God fe– parates his to be apeculi2r people t~ himfelfe: part~y in fpirituall ptiviledges ·- whereby theyare jufiified, receive the · adoptionofChiJdren, and fealedby the holySpirit of promiCe, which is the ear– nelfi oftheir inheritaace, tmtill ,the re– demption ~f the purchafed poffeflion ~(j the praife of his glory ; whereby thl!yc~me to fee their names writ in the Lambs bookeoflife. Arid to know af– furedly, ,that all occurrences that Wall themon earth, work toge~b~rfor their good, ~~d fall o~t rath~r for thefurther~ · ·' · - · · · ance )