Sheffeild - Houston-Packer Collection BJ1471 .S5 1650

I', I I .I To the Retdtl'. .. , ance of the Gofpell; and partly it ro~ftfisin t.heir fingular viftble eminent f{uus of rtghteoufnefs, , _whereby they '· . ,adorne the Gofpell~. and ~come aglory :;:~:~1;4 t~their profdlion'in felfe~denyall, ~on.. tt1virmu. tempt of theworld, tendernefs to the €YI'Jl· foule! ofothers, not in fpeakinggreat . fwelling wordsofvanity; but in fhewing forth the life ofJefos in their mortall bo– .dies• .The art of chrifiianity· being to teach thepepPleoftheLor.d, not onely how tobebleffed tbem(elves, but how tobe bleffings unto tbat both ~hegrace of God may work ~ffell:ually within them,&: theglory ofGodmayvi• fibly be ((;en upen them, th~lt profefi!.Jrs .maybe an ete,naH excellency,the joyof manygeneratio~s, that theymay bee a Crownofglory -ln thehandoftheLord, and :t royal ,diadem in the handoftheir God; that all which fee them, may ac– knowledge them to bee the feed ofthe Lord, the bnnch of his planting, the work of his hands, tha·t in them God ' maybeglorified:fticbprofcifors in their generations,were the.fqules ofthofe juft one~ nowmade perfetf.. , . . . ·; But hav_~ we not caufe tocompl~ine, .th!}t p'rofeifors of late (thoughmore nu- / rner-