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.' : Thegood Confcience:; thejirongcfi Hold. --- ·~- ' I ,' Take heed to thy fe.lfe a11d to thy DoClrine. And youmay fee the Apofrle through t~is · Epifile doth frequently inculcate both, and doth ftraigbtly ch'}rge both upon .his C'on– fcience, As for that part ofhi3 charge ad ex· tra youmay fee itprdfed upon him. Chap. 1e _ver·3·4· Chap.6.13 .. 17, 20. Stri[f charges all,and fo in the fecond Epiftle Pa.ffim. Whereby it appeares that the Minifter, befides thoie things concerning himfelfe, frands charged with the care 9f the n'hr;le Churches bufii1effe, for what concernes bothPer[o1:z.r, and Dotirines, and Truths and Errors,andOpinions;andPra[/icu. Then for that other part. That ad intra_, for what eoncernes himfelfe, and his owne Perfonall Demeanour. He hath his Directi– ons. Chapter,4. 12, Bethouanexampleofthe Beleevers in word, and in Converfation, in Cha– rity, in Spirit, in Faith andPurity. And Chap. 6· I I' I 2. But thou, 0 manofGndflytbeJe tbingJ', andfoJlow after Righteoufoe Jfe, Godtin.e f[e,. Fdith, Lmx, Parience, Metd\ene.ffe. Fight the Good l[ight ofFaith, &c. . TheT {Xt is part ofaCharge, as you fee, V• I 8. Yea it is acompendiouJ fumme Qfhis. whole double dwrgeTam ad 'intraqtMm ad extra, Both as to hi'm(e!jeand to his D 1 Brim. • Vede ~18. !). firaight charge is laid upon Timvtl~y, This charf!,e I commit to thee, th<'zt thou - war a gnod warfare.] the .Miniiters employ– nJ(nt is noother then a warfare, neither bet– .ter nor worfe, Awarfare no better. A good · warfare,