Sheffeild - Houston-Packer Collection BJ1471 .S5 1650

~ '7'he goodConfcience, theftrongeft Hold. 3 ware£1re;no worfe. ~ I ' This weightycharge Is carryed home and– Purfued. 1. With the affiCiions of a Falhcr~ 2. vVith the arguments o!·.anApoftle. , I.With thea,f[efJion!'q'±aFatbe~·-----~ . S~nne1imothy J · , i. vVith the argumentsof an Apoftle. Here are two arguments urged. . I.The tirft is moreComfortableand refpe8:.. . t;th Timothy himfelte, according to the Prophe– cies which went before ofthee J Therewere fome in tho[edayes who had the gift of Prophecy, andcould foretell thin~s to come, fome.fuch had given out great hopes ofTimothy whenhe was young, and ofhis infiruinehiallneffe to theChurch, when he fhould come to be put. in employment. Now gracious and hopetull young men On the Minifrery cfpecially) mLlfl: fee to it; that what hopes, expectations and goodopinions others have had ofthem, and .what Prayers) Promifes, and Engagements· have beene madefor them, may be all ma~le good (not void) by them ia the whole courfe of their life. Therefore Timothy, thou mufl , ., war agoodwarfare; , ' '' ' . ,·, t. '•:! . . . . -4.• I.\ 2, The other argument is more (dd: But refpectethothers who had fearefully n.:ifcarry":' ! >··' .t ed, He infianceth in two, viz.. Hymeneur and · Ale~ander; It is the fame ElymeneuJ fpoken of 2 Timothy 2t17. There joyned with Pf:ile.~ lui,(~lwayes ltmhappy in his company),andAt-· ex_:~nder the fame (in ·an Probability) with: That Afex– .t\_tm mentioned. Acts, l9. 33. The~e you ander, Ac( B 2 £nde i9'· 33· It- :; ·:.