Sheffeild - Houston-Packer Collection BJ1471 .S5 1650

The g~(.)dCrYnfcience,theflrongeft Hold. judP'ement,judgemmt upon Jin,nt?, and judge-' mer~ ·uponju~genzem, a double judgement up– on their d(mb!efi.nne. The one Divim and ie.. cret for their fecret firme, they had put away , good Con!cience. And they are {hatter~d and fhip- wracked in their ·faith , for their punilhment. They having repudiated Confcience, and given her a bill of divorce, prefently commit Adultery with prodigiou:; .Errors andOpinions.The late Englilh Anno.. tation upon the place is very go.od. That God '' doth putJijhmen for giving raines to a licentiouJ "courfe ofiife, againft thcdillatCJ of their owm ' ' Confcience.r . By takjpg aw:.ry the lif!.ht of hi! " Spirit from them, that in the midft of their '' courfo theyJhou!d /gfe their mofi precirmr j}iritu.– "' all Merch,:mdife, andbe drowned in Error and ''Herefie, after themanner of thoft, who itz aSu 'lempeft fujfer jhipwrac'k:, , The otherjudgement that befell them was Humane,and Open for their open Gnne inpub– lifl~ing Blafphemous affertions. It was the jJtdgement of theCburch watching over their Members, who obferving fume to beco,me fo Putridand infot1iouJ, as to endanger the whole bodyof the joyning Congregation> deliv~r thefcover}ttdicially in a way of Church Cm– fimJ to Sathan. They arenow cut off by ex– communication which is the plaine meaning ofthat Phrafe, delivered up to Sathan J which Phrafeis alfo ufed. I Cor. 5· 5· Hereyou fee their iinne and puniCnment. Theyput away, and reprobate Confcience. B 3 They