Sheffeild - Houston-Packer Collection BJ1471 .S5 1650

\ The good Co7tfci~nc~, the ftrongeft Ho/d, , · They never tbrive af~er in .their foLil.e, eithet fpr Grace or Peac.e, for Knowledge or Corn~ fort. 7hey hecome reprobate concerning tht; Faith. 'I lJ.ey excommunicate Confcienceol;lt ot them- . f~lves, ,and th~m[elves 4r~ excomtfllf,nicated out/ of the Church. They firfr deliver up Faith andgood Confcience to Sathan voluntarily; Andarenow by the Church Officers deli'll ered t~p to 8athan judicially. The end of whicl~ Church cenft1re is fet downe in thefe won~s; That tbey may learm not to Bl.1jfheme J tha~ . , . is. to fjly, tha~ they may, if G0d fee good to '- 1im- 2 • g1ve Repent"nce, recover them[elves out of the . ~!· impune fnare rf t?e De14ill, orotherwife that theymay 1 feranr fuas be re.firamed;tha:t others may not be _leavened hlafPhemi:t) apdmfeB:ed,andconfequently the like b~af .... fed u~- Juo ph(mies for the fitture may be prevented. ?Jialo c.zJWhere by the way as we goe along, the fltntb~~~be- Gleaner_may fill his hand with fom: Ohfervati~ ware. Be~a. on1 before we come to the ftandzng Shock ., . wh~r€ he ~hat bipdeth Sheaves may fill hi$ B.ofome, · · I. How dangerous it is for profefiedChri:– filans to grow wanton in matt~rs · pf F!;lid\ ana carelefi€ oftheirCon{cience. , '~let.a,d~ · · 2. Eow daHgetous is it to ·theChurch, and was a Cop- l . fl f' ll' . . h d k perfmith it ~1ow onunou y a~~ IS It to t .e un . erta ers is cerraine, tbernfelves when pnvate Mechan1ekes do pre– whatfoever fumptuou!Jy invade the M.ipifi~ry~ap.d be!j.Olll~ rrade the publigue Preachers., / · - .. bterwas ~· There i: ?o dividin14 between Faith ~ncf ' · a good Copiocpce, leave Orthodox 'Fatth, 4 n~ r~~·~ ~ve.p go~clC?n\ci~p.c~>~r let g~· ~ood · Con1c1 c.J11:e