Sheffeild - Houston-Packer Collection BJ1471 .S5 1650

'Ih.e goodConfcience, the flrongeft Hold. ·· 7:.../ ~nfcience? and you havefeene the )ail: of Faith, it finkes, it ihipwracks~ · 4 .• How trueis of 2N Ttm. 3·, 1 3. Th.t! evil men and Seducers £'irl1o X,£1P?ll 'TI'?OX.Q..f,~J~t waxe , worfe and warfe, deceivhg and being deceived, fraying when they begin to fhrinke from their former fixicerity and ttritl:neife,till they arrive ~t the highefl: of impiety, going -from finne to finne, and from Error to Error, till by the jufr jt~dgementof Gm~ they are gi– v_en over to become openBlafphemers and outr.agious Perfecutor J . . ;.' Every vicious and infetl:ious Teacher; and every bold Broacher ofDotl:rines corrup– ting and fraining thefimplicity of the Faith, andevery Member of a corrupt and diffolute Confcience are not to be1olleratedand permit– ted i11 a new 1e(fammt ,Chtt:rch, but all fi.t cn are · c;lef~rvedly excommuni-cated the Chttrch , who haveoqceexcommtlnicated Contcience; a,ndthey jnfl:ly fuffer in beil',lg delive~;ed up to Sathan who have wickedly firmed in deliver– ing Doctrines ofSathan. No liberty here you :Cee for every kinde ofConfcience. 0. Yet are :not vifib leand openceniitres but ' forvifibleandopen finnes, n:>t for Errors in . JJidgernent concea/ed,butpubli(l,ed not for want P...b!Jce de· ff · h b c. • '.1"' ' c!arantur . o azt , ut ror ohhofi.eJ(J',tt, p 1· _,, ~ E . rr 'J'" t-> er mertau ~ 7 xcommumcation (Clave non errante) is a regnum s n.- fohtm~e,anddreadfullyoperative Ordinance., ta~<£, 1Jii?Jpe 4.fhmt:ng. o~~t ofHeaven,a ihuttiqg up in Hell norJ pe·r-. h tmwno ts JUfilycafr outoftheChurch ~s fel· uneallt ad 1 h . · . - reg;qwn ~) W .t rp, by tha~ cenfure. He isdelivered u 'J ta drr?fJi S.ft':.m. · B+ . The P.ifcatGr' , '