Sheffeild - Houston-Packer Collection BJ1471 .S5 1650

'I'he good Confcience, theflrengeft Yold; 9 . I \ . Doctrine, for the grace offaving Faith will · not be longkept in the heart, unleffe we keepe t heDoB:rineofjoundfaith, ap.d prln.dples in . the head. , . ., And a.goodConfeience J ~o,.ifcience,yot~ (eldome 1 Tim. 3 . 9~ fee it Without an Epethtte; and this ufiially 1 Pet.3·I ·6, is his Epethite Good Cosfoience, [o in naany AUs 23. ,1. places Cap: 3~ 9• I Pet. 3· 1 ~ · AEh 23. 1. Heb~ Heb. 13· 1 9 _ 1 3. 1 9• Fatthhad no Epethtte of Good; you -c!oe not Ordinarily fee other Graces called Good; . asgood Love, good Repentance, Zea.le, 1 ·, Hope., Patience, or the like; But ever good Confcien~e. The other graces are commonly Nem_otam good, or few have thetn, but thofe that are perdttuJ e_fl, g.ood; But Confcience is a thinf' which all ut(~?mn! . o con 1 czentrtt have, though a good Con[clence but ftw ; planeexperr thereforeget andhold a goodConfcience,or Amef. have none at all. Which fame havingp~tt away] rl7T~~lp.rwot-tJU~ ,t ::-G>9e '81 de. r~pulfa. Bez~.Expulfa,,Pifcatl3r.quamRepellentu, rrudo,depel– VulgarTranjl!thrufling it awa;. This word is !o, ~rceo ab ufedAcfJ7. 27. He that did hi.r Neighbsur (cla~:,Jtrudo~ wro1tg dltrrJ~~rro <f,u1~v, thru(f 1 Mofes away as a pello. . b~Ge body,and an intrudi~g interm~~~er; [o t : ~· '2.7· dtd thefe thru{l away Confe1ence as It It . had J peen a tror~blefome u[urper over them; So a.fteL~ All 7·39.Therei>ellinglfraelites thrufi himfrom them :;tH. n9~An1'd.v ~rtlto~l )iJIE~ rt~' rl'lf''»urtl'lfJ They would caft off,andca(biere Mofes, no more receivehisDiltates,norobey his diretl:ions,bnt wou1d fet up anothet· Captaiite whon'1they t~ould fol~ow, or lead rather into Egypt. Thu~ <;h~ d~ efe m ~qe T~x~ C<lfhiere, and throw off confcience