Sheffeild - Houston-Packer Collection BJ1471 .S5 1650

· I@ The good ConfcietJce, theflrongeft Hold. confcience fromhisbetrufted cmployment,and would follow their owne iwinge. This word g~.u.1• 2 is ufedalfo R11m. I I. J. 2. Hath God caft awa1 his people, a·'if'~tta.1o and · v. 2. He anfwers , e r :1 .., Cl. !o 7' , 1 o\ ' OUJG fl;'iJ't»a'd.,O 0 v12o; _011 At.oll tl.tl11t Oil'lJ'fCl~)rl1M. ,- Godbath nat caft away•or reprobated his people whomheftJrek.tfew;.But thefe did reprob~te Con– fcicnce, and would make it a cajbwaJ 1 not t:o be retained in times of Gfljpzll L ight and ... liberty;So that in this place theTranilation is with the fofteft,and more gentle it is here,then _. inany other place,when it is rendered,thryput . ',away.goodConjcience] It might have be~n read, they tbrufl off, threw /I'CIJay>cJ.jhiered, difclaimed, 'anci even reprobaud it~ 1 Concerning faith madt! Shipwtack,J Fide Vacui /aflifunt,Theywere emptiedand eafedof Fheir faithSyriacf{.tranjl.Theirfouls areShipwrack'd their faith,~GraceShip-wrack'd,aleakbeing fprung in Con[cience theVelfel, they loll all they had> and. faved not the 'u(e, Comfort, Confidel}ce, Joy, or feelingof former Faith andbeleevinJ. ; Nor did they preferve their for– mer fimplicitie and integrity of judgement, in matterofDotlrine,and Truth; But as Con– fcience was reprobJ.t~d . to their judgement, their judgement is now wholly reprqbate · concerning the Faith. , · Now the words being opened,you fee they are a Magazine or PcPJaply ofArmor, andAm- . munition to fnmi ~h Tim1tiJy, aq.d each good -Minil1:er, yea every Chrifl:ian with the moil: n ~ce:fary and u ~e fuli <1.ra1es,both to WJ.rte th.zt. · - , . goad ·"="· .,.