Sheffeild - Houston-Packer Collection BJ1471 .S5 1650

. ' 't~- ThBgoodConfcience,theftrongefl HolJ If thou lofe not thefe tw.o, thou ilialt ne.. ver havecanfe to coh1plaineof loflng times, · keepe thefe, they :will keepe thee. - ' In times ofcommon Naufra,ge, and Ship– wracke,whtnwefee abroadChurch-wracks, State-wracks, Faith-wracks~, Truth-wracks; takeheedrhen ofth wodtShip-wrack ofall •t home, ( onlcience-wrack. · Our life here is iet ,out by a Q.oMhle Meta– phor. 1 . Ofa warfaring conditiun; v. 18. 2. Of a Seafarin~ cMdition, v. I 9· · Is our life a warfare;T hefe are our principal , 'Weapons,Faith and good Confcience, iffaith be the Shield, go d Con{c H.~nce is the Bteflplate Eph. 6·14· ofRighteot~fnejfe, Epbf', 6. I 4· ot· the golden 16. Girdle oftruthand lincerity, v. 16. . ' Is our condition a Landji~ht l and not of a fingle combatc, but of common intereft; , Thefe two_, Faith, and a good Confcience, are the. two .firong ho/a, we muff: iecureour •. felves in, andhold out io the la:fl: drop of I Sam~ 14· blood, and gafpe of life; Thefe two like J o– l3· ntZtbanand his armJur bearer W11l di{co mfi t an hoaft ofEnem.ies, and carry all befOrediem, and break through the mofr infuperable dif– Fret.,.x6ficulties, I Pet. 3, 16. Havinrr, agoodcozxfcience · ( f~th the,Apoftle ) that whereas they {pea~ evillofyau, aJ of evill doers, they may be ajhJtmed, that faLfely accufeyourgoodconverfation inChrift, q. d. Though they encampe againfr you, be– fer y0ur houfcs, fhoot their arrowes,and bul– ~ets, bitter words, and as bad deeds ; yea flwuld they difrharge their 11'fu!d~ring Peecfs ll?on ,