Sheffeild - Houston-Packer Collection BJ1471 .S5 1650

!the<goodConfciente, theftrongeft Hold. · 1·3 ~pon you, ~nd thinke by firing and Harming to carry all before them, fiand you your ground, quit your felveJ lif<! men, retire you like the Cony to this Rock, like the Bird to· · this Hill,your Brazen walls of , Faith which indeed (without any Hyperbole as Jericbou walls)reach up to heaven; and that Adamantine ·Inwerk! of a good Con(cience founded on a Rock, no Gatn or engines of Hell·fhall prevaile againfi ; -But they £hall be afbamed wh<:n they behold your good andunblam~- able converfati6n; They fball draw off~wh:h di.ihonour and inf.1my as Abimelec~when he · attempted to fire the Tower of 7hebez, tQ J; d S' .. which they fled for fafety, awoman threw a ,:. · 9 • 1 ' piece ofa Milftone upon his head! and fent himpacking. Thefe indeed fhall never be a- P[. 12 7•·S·· {hamed when they fpeake with any Enemies in the Gate. Is our life a Se.zforing condition.? Agood Confcienceis the Ar~, not like that where- .in lf1'.Je1 was expofed todrowning.~nd ~an- Ex. 2 • ~ ger, an Ark!_ ofBulrujheJ, daubed With ilime, · and pitch; But like that of Noah, Pitched Gen.6. 14~ within and without with pitch~ made by Et Seq. Gods own dire8:ion,wherein thou m~yfiadventure as he did the whole world both Clmrch and State,thereintoGod badhial~~- ter, therein God flmt him, and kept'him fafe, it preferved thatfocond Adaf'l'l, and all the referve of the Creation fi·om that univerfall ' Deluge. Awindr,w it had jn the top, to let in the li&ht 0f Heave.Q,,not the left Crevife be– low ~