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Cap. I 16 1Vhat c(nfcience it~ ,Aqninas ~i mufr be. Hence the learned fay Cmfciemiaeft '!Jet 6' allJ· ..:um alijs fcientia,. · In thi; fence it intends a four-fold know.. ··. ~ ' • I ledge. · SI.cumDeo 2 .( J,with God. -~ 2. cumfeipfir &~ )z. w~t~ourfeJveJ ~~ r c: Q,J e3· wzth otherr. U 3· cumat]! S6 gf 4· with thing I "'- • 'ioJ i-1 '-4.c&1m rwm l/'fil · 1 themfelvu. In all which Idem eft confcirr, &confentire,. TheConfcientiotuman is ever aConfentientioHf man. Ctmfcf.e1!tla x.Cum .Deofcirc~Con[cience is firfr to know .efllnf~rfiwa together,or conjent together withGod;whence ·'lie en us I . . r. ,r;. • • .ir.ternus ju- c?mmon y_Divmes 1ay, ConJctentzau cum deo flicijp!'~prjj fctentia; When we have the fame Idxa, ap• , 'IJe!·alr . prehenfion, and efteeme of things in our em ~4'~d 111inde, that is in Gods, when we allow!t or ~#ris ~en; difa1low~ thinke, fpeake, doe accor~ing to vel male the rule ofGods word; when wee are not fatli.;. Par- fwayedby mans judgement, or the wifedoni a:us zn Ro. ofthe world· But what God commendeth is · 13 ' apptoved, \vh~t God commandeth is obry.ed:J what he promifeth is beleeved , what hee thrcatneth is avoydcd, what ever God pro– poundeth i~ regardedand received;' this is con– (cience, when we light o~tr Candle at the Lampesqfthe Sanctuary. Hence .w~ fay, Vox crmfcientid! is vox dei. Thevoyce of a right en– lightned Confcience, is the voyce ofGod, fo faith Solomon, Pr··'ll· 20. 27. The ffirit sf a l'rdv. 2 e. man is the Candle of the Lord, Lumen_ex ipjiu1 / .lumine, lighted afhis Word; then[earching the \ · inner · ' -