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Wliat Confcience ir. 3· Give the particular kinds and _forts of good Confciences. 4· Give the reafons of the point and duty• - 5· Deducethe.inferences arifing hence by wayofApplication,_ -------------------------~~---- ·. CH .A p. I. I What Confcience ir? Chap. I • . VJhat con.. fcieJlCe is.. TO the firfr ;_vVhat confcience is. This I fhall fr.ew in two particulars : t. Ex- · plainin~ what the word Confcience Jignijies. 2. What tbe thing Confoimceis. . I. What the word confcience fignifies. Notatio nominir pr.emittenda notationi Rei. ~tJvf'IJ'nfJ'H J The word in Greeke , ,and (Confoientia) inLa tine, 4tnd (Confcience) in Englilh, are all compound words, and fignifie a k...nowing toge... ther; and imply two things: I. Soroe competent meafure otk._nowl8,dge, or there can be no •' confcience. Hence r.l1e word, fo tranflated · 1 .,. . C ' 11' • ~... , ' I I, Nu lnlST6 1 or. 4• 4• 0 ll" Er jtct.p t1VVOIJitt.. '\noW 'hi on{a"' nothingby my felfe. Prov. ~~ 12. \iVifdome faith,~:!,:,. Be– Ego fapientia cum Prudentia'Cl}habito, I Wifdome za So~N'd ~ ' dwell with frudmce. So Ego Confcientia cum fci- con[c1re fihi entia, I Confdencedwell with knowledge~· Hor4t. 2. It implies a kn(lwing together, not a cox:n– . mon, fingle, abfrraB:ed, Theoretick know– . ~edge, but a doztble, or multipliedknowledge it mwft