Sheffeild - Houston-Packer Collection BJ1471 .S5 1650

Wnat confcience ir. atl:eth, or thought intendeth. Ct~leb fpake as it waJ in hi-s heart, Jofl .. u. 14. 7• And in the 11ext verfe, he faith, lful!J followed the Lord. Here is nothing but Conjciertce in both thefe cx:preffions, His heart fotlowed the Lord-, there is cumDeo Scire '; And he fully followed his heart. There is cum feipfo fcire, Pfal. I 5. 2. The Godly man fpeaketh his Confcicnce,_he fpeaJ kc:th the truth in hi1heart. So the Apofrle Ro. 9· r. I fpeake the tf111th in Chrift, and lye not, ( th~re is. cum Deo fcientia) My confcience alfo betlring me witneJJe i·n the holy Ghoft.(Ther~ is the other Cordii Scientia) There is confci– encewhen thefetwo meet; happy is the man who condemneth not himfelfe ( iri his heart) forwhathealloweth,&approveth in praB:ife, · Hie muru-1 ah£neus ej1oNil confcire fibi ..- That littlequantity ofAyrt!,which wee breath in at our nofirils, which goes into the inan, even . to the heart, and which thereafter is breathed out thence againe, is more to a man, (it is indeed his life) thena-ll the three regions of Ayre, which fill up that vaft fpace be– tweenEarthand Heaven. However Philofo– phers conceive there is purer Air.e,.in the high.. eft Region. Certainely that Idler proportion ~of Knowledge ofDivine truths, which we take Jdonme, and fucke _into the heart, and after · draw out and deliver thence, is more, to a Chrifti'Jns life). and Comfort, then all your -refined fpeculat~ons, even of the third and highdbRegibn. ' 3· Con(cire cum a!i jr, To _know together . ' with I •