Sheffeild - Houston-Packer Collection BJ1471 .S5 1650

What Confcience ir. cap.r~ 19 -.....:....--- -- ------- _-----:--------- ~ith other~, and confent with them: This is Con~cience, to put our'Sou/es into their Soule.r Ioh. 16. 4• fret~d as !ob1pealie1h Then to doe to otherf, as · WI'C would they {heu-'d drJto tu.Mat~7· 12. To know the hear:t of~ ftranger, Ex. 23. 9· .that thou_ doe mt eppreffe him, Cognofcit j~tftuJ Animam tDSl.l jternenti Jui, Prov. I~. 10. The rig.hteous -~~zn i.r Arias Mdn• merciful£ to his Beap, Becaufe hee conl.idereth ta11. • • the heart and condition of the poore dumb Confcr~n!ta Creature with Sy~pathy:, much more doth rt{e:;:: ·_ heknow and cont1der the cafe of the poore, internus ju• ofth.e{)pprelied in the Gate, of.the Orphan·, die1j proprij ·of the widdow, when as Job !aid of himC:lfe, &alieni. Job. 3 y. 18. they were frill with him, either &c.b!fiar~~ . h' r. 1 dfi h - us u 1 ~P" ln ts pret(nce to re eevean upport t em, or _ inhis Bowels to cnmmifcrate and condole with- . them. The con{Ciendous man faith, who it weake, and 1am YJ~t weake? who ojfendr.d, and I burne not ?Howcan I wound my Brothe-rs con- " foience, andftnne ag.~infl him, but I wound my 2 C•.r· n. (elfe, and finne againfi Chri(f? · 29· . 8 . Owhat a worthy fpeech was that ofHa- 1 cor. .u tlrian, aheathenEmp. Emperatorem ErtTa •unumc M·• · o ent. •e.• quemq; debere effi talem, qualemfi privatuJ effet Cent. 2 • Jibi vellet ejfe imperato~em. The ,Emperour Ctp. 3· fhould fo ~arry himfelte to every private r,er:.. fon, as he woulddefire, werehein that poore mans cafe, the Emperoue fhould deale wirh him. This is to appr1ve ou,r• [elvu to ·every good m .'l1l! confciem:'e in :he fight ofGod, 2 Cor,. 4· 2. This is cum alijJ {cire. B~ye a.t l a1n, 1 am aJyou art, Gal. 4· 12. This is to provide thinrz..t h~)nerf, Not: onely in our owne fight, or in Gods C2 iight