Sheffeild - Houston-Packer Collection BJ1471 .S5 1650

what confcience it, •. ;;all the fight is contraB:edin the apple ofthe eye, fa I may fay is confcit:nce as much as ~on-knowledge, or knowledge contraB:ed· . ~ndefitomized, and confcience f:\S it were the apple of the (oulu eye. __ , ~ lhall defcribe it thus,Co?fr.ienceiithefoulet alling, and rejletiing on it1 fife, a11d enall a f1U1JI · 1'Mt atlioru.This is confci nces wor4!,thefeare · his Bounds; what haft th u to doe with anc- · ther manr Confcience, in t is fence, or wlaat xCor.ta.2J bath hee to doe with thine ? Aman ftamletb ~ f aUethto:hu owne confcience, That ftandeth or . falleth ti pis owne Mafter, and onely tohim. Ro. 14· 4t H~mHity, Patience, {'1eekeneffe, Cotppa(- fion1Juftice, Righteoufnelfe, Chaftity, &c. extend to others ; my charity may and muft ' relieve others, knowledge may and mu£1 in~ forme and 'benefit others ; But confciences wor4e is to ·m~k~everyman hi~ ~owne ~eeper. .;J· !•'' ·--· .-·-.··· •· ' ~·