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cap.t. ~4 What Confcience it. So mufl: it be with the true Cbrifti~u, Jhe living andJPiritualt temples , andCitiu Jar G,od to dwelt and walk! in. They muft befour·fquare, their length, bredth, height and deptb ~re equ:zll. l(:or. 6 : 1 ~. Their fcience muft bee no longer t~en the~r , _, confcience,their confcienceno largerthe_nthelr fcience, their words nn higher then their afri– ons, their actions no lo~er then their wprds; And this is confcience. And thus much to fhew what thewo~d ( Confcience) doth iltl~ port and iignifie. , The fecund thing I have todoe, is to ihew ~rnes c!t what the thing ( Confcience) is, -having o– r;on[c ltb 1 : pened what the word imports; fundry De– cap. 1 • con- fi · · · f · b fi d d fcientia e]f , muons are g1ven o ~t ~ un ry men, an - judicium each may be good. It Is faith, Dr. Amu, 1'-ke ho!11inu de ju_~mentof a. ma1~, ~concerning bim[elje, and hi.r ~~p~ _pro Kt oWne WilieJ, in refe.reVCf av.rJ. (ubordint~tien to tbe JubzJmur · J ,rr.- d 1 · h s 1 z· · -ud · io dei. }Uif!gement o 1 \!.J:O • us t e ou e rec~ tng on t.t J · re felfr, fay others more briefly.Warde. Dyke. Scot. Bon. I 1ball not trouble my felfe tod~bate whc– Dur· Confcienc~ be an flabit, as many of the Schoole-men affirme. Or whtther ·a faculty R~therf?rsl orpoJ})er, as reverend Mr. Perkjm, juqicioi].S dl[p. agdadu~{f Rutherfurd, and divers of th~ Schoolmcn d~- preun e • O h h 8: l liberty of term1ne. r w et er an a one y, ~s acute cMtf. cap.\ J)r. Amu contendeth. Nor fhalll With any ' ,~ Ames de. curiofity at all difco,urfe of it. Origen had an r.on[c. hb. odde fcmcy, (a~ he had many an other) that ~· fa~. • · ~t was another fpirit in the foule. But fome– ,what is in it, for as I iaid before. it is ar a .whrele in awheele,a wheele full ofeyes, awheel . fpl9f motion,awheel ful <?ffpirit oflife;Aaid a~