Sheffeild - Houston-Packer Collection BJ1471 .S5 1650

What 4 good Confcience it• .....___ ._ -- --- -- Firft, I call it the Cfmfcience purified: :Here is the £rft and princip-all part of Confciences gBodneffe, though yet for. the prefe~lt it have not peace: PeacealoneWJthout purz·ty makes not the Confcie,nce g(Jnd. at all: as purityalone without peace makes not a perfea weUCon- {dence. · ' . . Confcienti·z~tdificaf.'l.da {ed,pri~s mundanda, faid' Bern.1rd well, Con ~cience is to beedifie-d, but firftto be purified. As the wifdom that comes S~churity 6 . fj. ' b • fi il h , bJ o WIt Ot1t m• rom a .ove, IS ru pure, t en pe11cea e: -vo 'ty 's , fc • fin. d IT. 11 cl . . cen ,1 Con Ciences r tr goo neue tran s · IU purJtY, not fecurith~n in peace. The firft goodneffe of the eye, tybutftupi• is the clearneffi of fight. It is bill: an inferiour dity• goodneife, to fay, it is not injlamed, or blood- Jam. ~· f7 • fbotten : nor dowe call it good at all, if it want -its fjght : So neither i' Confcitnce good ' ' at all, though it rage not, be not inflamed, or bloodjhotten, i f it want his purity. All negative goodneffe is but a p ,or andhegger{y goodnefie. Now that confdence may be rightly purifi– ed, there are three things which it muft bepu– rified from, and three things which it mufl: be purifiedby. • , Thef~ . ~ zgnorance, things con The thiqgs it mufi be errour, · fcience purijiedfr9m, are bardmffe, or naturall mu~be dead11e«e. pnnfied F . a • 11 b ;.(; dfi JJ' from. u:rr, It muu e purzpe rom i£mrance. The . · 'onfc1ence void of knowlfdge, is a confci- · . . ence void ofgoodneffe. R.utherfurd. ·Theblind !~~:c~~ mans confdence is ever an ill confdfnce: his Mar.6. ~j.· l ight H' darfo'l!!effe, how.great then is that dark- Mat. S 1• If · neife? · '.