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Cap.~. . ~8 Wh~tt 4 pttrifted CtJnfcience ir. •! ne.lfe? His fait unfavoury, what then !hall - Luk.: 8J~I6 feafon him? Confcience in the befrunrege.. nerate perfon, is as a light whelnied under a buJheiJ, or thruft under tJ bed, gives but a dim light,and reacheth not'far.Jn t hings 8eu yee11 man and man it can difcern more cJearlyand zx. 1 s. , 9 .likethofenightbirdJwhichcan~ith ~heirweak - · · ~e.s fee wherebetter e,ru Comet~mes fee not ; a. . Jethro herein may be able to advifea Mo[er: · But in the Things of God he is little skillec,I, <rUfA@- 021 ~ [J.IIt»'S'd{c.Jv blinck, andc~nmtfee afar P off.What amght-birdwas Do{lour Nicodemu.r,in ~ ~r. 1 ''' conceiving of the nece1Iity, nature, and man– ner of regeneralion? Hence it is that ti.e Scri· pture calls the ntJturafl mrmJ wifdom foolifhneJfo with Gfld, ( as Gods wifdom is accounted . fooliii!mdfe with him,) It i1 enmity to God, it u JCtr. 2. 14 nllt fubje{f tR thdaw iJf God, nor indeed c-111 be. Rom. 8 · 7 The ignorant mans jtidgement therefore is no judgement, his peace no found peace ; his hopes, no fafe hopes ; for hi1 tboughuare not GodJ thrJught.r.nqr hi1wayes God1 w&yu.Tit. 1 .15, To the u.nbeleeving andunp~·e u nothmg pure, . becaufe their v~ry minde and confcimce i1 defiled. Good Confciencehiuft therefore firft be puri.. fied from '!gnorance•., 1 · fromerror -Secondly, it muft bep~trifiedfr(Jm errour.The ... erroneous confcience is ever a defperate and dangerous confcien~e. lt i1 the peflilence rhat J 1'f. ,r~ 6 • Jt.?al~th in dark!Jeffe. Erroneous confcience maketh frrange work in the warld, but wor(e in theChurch. . Look what[wine are togardenw ~c !;ed1, or a wilde Baar to a Vineyard, or wilde / beafls