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The offices ofConfcience. 47 untnyou. vVed iilikethat ~ MiniH:er fhou1d be Cap. 4• _-dumb inhis charge, or a vVatchman fhould . ~ fleep on the Sentery; take hec:d ofmaintaining a dumb Confoience, ·Of filendng a fPeakJng confcience·: In_Libera Civitate Linguas liberas tffi oportet, Auguftuswas wont to fay. Say thou, among Fr~emen confdence fhould have his fr .. edompreferved,at le~ft as to his own charge. Give thy conicience all treedom to inform, prbponnd )yea r eprove and 1rnite. This~ Liber~ yof Confcience none will queftion, all will contend for : T her e is fome other Liberty of Confcience the world cries out for ; I dare not plead for that :But give confcience leave to be bold with thee; it will give tsee bold~ nefl another day, that thou tbalt alfure thy heart before God. We called it Tyrannicall, ;tndAntichrifii an dealing when the Prelates outed .,ftt fpended,and deprived the godly and faithful Minifters for delivering Gods minde, and rebuking the fins of their wicked hea~ rers fo metimes ~ Take heed thou tread not in their freps , to interditl, and jile11ce thy own confcience '; this is more to be hearkenedto inmany cafes then any Divine, or Minifier ~ whatfoever ; this is the mouth of the Lord, ~he Candle of the Lord, fea rcbing and tlifcoveringPro. 20 • 27 • the {ecretJ and inward thi~gs of the belly : We fay coniciencein fomecafes is above all witneffes, a tboufaml witneffes; itis a thou)"nd . . Preachers too : God faith to confcience as he Con{cmrtttt d 'd 11" ,c, E d S ..1 mille Mitti· ·' 1 to w.L91 uonce, xo ·7·I. ee I .bavemaae ftri fbee ~ Go4 toPharaoh,andAaron th) brotb~r fh~ll • ' - be