Sheffeild - Houston-Packer Collection BJ1471 .S5 1650

The offtcet ofConfoience. Cap. 4· Acts of Confcience are the Atts of God; ............-- what confcitnce cloth binde or to~[e on earth in foro fuo, God do~h.ratifie in heaven injorofoo, 1 Joh.3·20,2I . So that what th~no.Rifts · impudently and blafphemoufly a rt of the , Pope_, we may in a fafe and mod ft fenfe apply to ~on(cience. · 1 • Deiu& P ;~~pa {fay they) 1mwtz habmt Con• flftorium ;a bold and impious faying. DeuJ &confcientiaunum habent Conjifl6rium. A true faying. God and the Pope have but on1Confiftory Uf' Judicatory, fay they : God and Confcience, fay we, PrBv.~o.z7· The Spirit ofm~n i1 the c4ndl~ of the Lord. I , Plur~J;jf f" I. Prupheticall, or MiniTt{Pellu Now confcience is 1 fteriall. OJ/ict~rum a Licenfedand al- ~ z. Regal or Magijlratu.~l. ntm Bentft· !owed Pluraliff, ~ 3· Te(fimoniall, or wit- ~:;:;_ ~ath four diI' ~e[fe bearing. • ence bath ftin8: Officer~ · 4· Jud:ciall, t1r fontence four Offi· , \. fafii~g. ces. Confci- . ~ncesMi· nifteriali Office. 1~ Confdences firfl: .office is Minijleriall or Propheticall, that is, to do the Officeof a Mi~ nifter, Watchman or Seer, to give warning from God, froinwhom it hath his Comm~ffiufl, Ordination, andStation, all JHre DivintJ. : To warn, inform, direct, reprove, admonHh, charge; See you refufo not ~im. that {peak!th within you. This is your Domefticft Chaplain., to whom (as ]otham faid to themen ot She– chcm) youmuJl he~rk.!u, that God m,1y beark.!_n unt1